Futura is one of the best known and most widely used of modern typefaces. Designed by Paul Renner between 1924-1927 for the Bauersche Giesserei, it remains today one of the most successful typefaces due to its simplicity of features, perfect legibility and meticulous finish of each of its letters.

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OT__access-all-alternates   Access all alternates
OT__proportional-lining   Proportional lining figures
  Tabular lining figures
OT__proportional-lining   Proportional oldstyle figures
  Tabular oldstyle figures
OT__fractions   Fractions
OT__discretionary-alternates   Discretionary ligatures 
OT__standard-ligatures   Standard ligatures
OT__ordinals   Ordinals
OT__small-caps   Small caps
OT__small-caps-froma-caps   Small caps from capitals


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Futura was originally designed between 1924 and 1927 by Paul Renner, a profi writer on typography, and director of the Master School for German Printers in Munich. The true origins of Futura never die; recently there has been new focus on the famous typeface in numerous publications, events and exhibitions. The book Futura, une Gloire Typographique has found worldwide acclaim and the city of Frankfurt, the cradle of the Bauersche Giesserei, as well as the Gutenberg Museum in Mainz, organized two exhibitions in 2016, in the honor of Futura.

Futura continues tirelessly its key role in the corporate image and identity of innovative companies and global players and designers and graphic artists love it’s no-nonsense shapes and powerful letters.

Its great variety in truly designed styles and weights now make Futura particularly fit for distinguished user interfaces, information displays, smart watches, e-readers, television apps, technical appliances and internet related uses.

Paul Renner was born in Germany in 1878. He worked as a graphic designer, typographer, painter and teacher. In 1926 he was appointed director of the Printing Trade School of the city of Munich and is co-founder and director of the Master School for Germany’s Printers in Munich. Its main contribution to typographic design is the Futura, which he designed during 1924 and 1927 for the company Bauersche Giesserei in Frankfurt, under Georg´s Hartmann management. Paul Renner died in 1956 and his original drawings of the type Futura is kept at Bauer Types, Barcelona.