Judo ND is a wide-point italic typeface digitized in close collaboration with Helmut Matheis in honor of his long career and loyalty to typographic beauty. It brings spontaneity and elegance in its uses, always maintaining legibility.

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Calligraphy created by Hans Helmut Matheis, one of the leading designers of the Ludwig & Mayer type foundry in Frankfurt, together with Karlgeorg Hoefer and Jakob Erbar. His most wellknown type designs are “Slogan” and “Charme”. Also “Matheis Mobil” ranks among the winners. Even at high age, Matheis is still active as a typedesigner and teacher of calligraphy. In 2010, at the age of 93, he designed “Judo”, a calligraphic typeface faithful to the Matheis style.

Passion and talent are what have connected Helmut Matheis (born 1917 in Germany) for the past six decades to calligraphy. His ability in this field was quickly recognized by his teacher Dombrowski when he began his studies in the middle of war. After returning to Germany with an injured hand (fortunately not the right one) and spending a year in the military hospital, he could resume his studies and then start his career as a graphic designer in which calligraphic writing has always played a major role. It was through his own initiative how he managed to publish typefaces, which arise from his own proposals. Slogan is the best known of them. Judo is his latest released typeface, an (as could not have been otherwise) italic broad-nibbed cursive.