Gaudí ND was designed in 1962 by Ricard Giralt Miracle and awarded with a Delta d’Or from ADIFAD. It combines the constructive spirit of the lapidary Roman with the modern sans serif. The rectangular endings constitute a recurring rhythm, resulting in a futuristic character that refers to a digital context and the interior life of computers.

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Ricard Giralt Miracle’s relationship with typefaces goes back to his childhood. His father, Francesc Giralt Ill, a notable lithographer, introduced him to the drawing of all the typographic families, particularly those of the Roman, English and Egyptian tradition, incorporating later those of the dry wood type. His mastery of the anatomy and architecture of the letter allowed him not only to apply classical alphabets with rigour, but also to draw new ones which, structurally or aesthetically, had their own personality. Of all the alphabets he created, the Gaudí alphabet is the one that has gained the most recognition and popularity.

Ricard Giralt Miracle (1911-1994) was a Catalan illustrator, graphic designer, printer and typographer of the twentieth century. He pioneered to sign makers and illustrators be converted into real graphic designers, as we understand it today. He innovated and explored uncharted territory for graphic arts in times of war and surrounded himself by major groups of European avant-garde. He has been one of the few privileged who has enjoyed great recognition during his lifetime, something unusual in the anonymous profession of graphic design.