Andralis was designed by Ruben Fontana in tribute to the designer Juan Andralis. Its handcrafted, strong and robust appearance, maintains at the same time a friendly and human tone. It was specifically designed to perform well in long texts, also offering excellent results in headlines.

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OT__access-all-alternates   Access all alternates
OT__proportional-oldstyle   Proportional oldstyle
OT__proportional-lining   Proportional lining
OT__fractions   Fractions
OT__discretionary-alternates   Discretionary alternates
OT__standard-ligatures   Standard ligatures
OT__ordinals   Ordinals
  Stylistic set 01: roman numerals
OT__small-caps-froma-caps   Small caps from capitals


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Andralis consists of four styles (regular, italic, bold and bold italic) with their corresponding small caps in one of them, according to the requirements of a typeface designed for book publishing. In line with this same premise, the OpenType features include both elzevirian and aligned numerals, and a specific stylistic set of Roman numerals. Discretionary ligatures that combine pairs of letters typical of the Castilian language are a characteristic emphasis of Ruben Fontana’s typeface designs. The strong and robust character displayed by the font matches Andralis’ taste for a strong gray text stain, driving the good performance and good legibility that a readable typeface demands.

Rubén Fontana was born en Buenos Aires. Typographer and founder of Fontana diseño, specialized on Corporate Identity. He was responsible for introducing typography as a subject in the Graphic Design Career at the University of Buenos Aires. His deep affection and respect for Juan Andralis is evidenced by the publication of a book in 2001 on the occasion of the great loss that the sudden death of Andralis in 1994 meant for him and other friends. In fact, Fontana specially designed a typeface to edit the book. The need to be a typeface for long texts combined very well with another premise: somehow Fontana sought a design according to the typographic preferences of Juan Andralis.