Inspired by Barcelona’s Diagonal street, Antoni Morillas designed Diagonal ND in 1970. A sans that alternates straight and inclined lines, with a strong rhythm and its own personality. Its range of possible usages are very varied: signage, headlines, packaging, etc.

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Sans serif typeface created in 1970 inspired by the Diagonal street in Barcelona, with small caps, punctuation and numbers. The alternation of straight and slanted lines gives the alphabet a strong rhythm and its own personality. It has a range of application possibilities for example in the packaging sector, but also in magazine headlines and posters.

Antoni Morillas (1932-1983) began as a graphic designer in Seix Barral in 1955. He is a founding partner of the ADG / FAD and member of the AGI (Alliance Graphique Internationale). In 1962 he started with his own studio, from which he produced important graphic creations which has been shown in exhibitions such as ‘Intergraphis’ (Montreal), ‘Wanderer’ (Los Angeles), at the University of Honolulu or the Museum of Berlin.