EULA (End User License Agreement)

The EULA is the text of a license to use fonts or typefaces. It is a contract between the licensor (author/copyright owner/distributor) and licensee (consumer/professional user or company), to use the fonts in compliance with a number of terms and conditions established by its clauses.

Next, we present the EULA regarding the acquisition of the right to use our fonts and products.

The license will come into force upon receipt of the amount set for the license, as well as the signing of the license agreement by the user.  

The product and the accompanying documents are provided under license.  This license does not transfer to you any rights on the product or its brand; you do not acquire the ownership of the product. The product’s copyright and distribution rights are the sole property of Neufville Digital. The product and its contents are subject to Intellectual Property protection in accordance with European Community laws. 

You are authorized to use the software included in the product to reproduce the font(s). The software may be installed or accessible on a number of CPUs no greater than is established in the contract, and in the specified location(s). If the established number is exceeded, you will require an additional license contract.

You are not authorized to convert, change or modify this product or create derivative fonts, or have anyone else do it for you. If you require the creation of customized fonts and their conversion, you must necessarily contact Neufville Digital. This type of use is subject to especial clauses.

You are not authorized to include the software in documents meant for public distribution or for public access (e.g. Internet or CD-ROM) without the written consent of Neufville Digital. This use could require additional clauses.

You are authorized to create security copies of the product solely for this purpose.

You are not authorized to sell, rent, license, redistribute or provide this product or a copy of it, in its entirety or partially, to third parties, including your design agency, printer, publisher or other service providers. This companies must acquire their own product licenses. If you purchase customized fonts, Neufville Digital will provide the corresponding licenses.

If you need to expand a license for use in a larger number of CPUs or for use in a web environment, apps, servers, or any other application other than on desktop, please contact

If any of the clauses in this contract is breached, the license will be considered null and void without prior notice.

The contracting parties will submit to the jurisdiction and venue of the Courts of Barcelona.