Pragma ND: Everything You Need in a Typeface

Designed by Christopher Burke, Pragma ND embodies versatility, distinction, and effectiveness – everything you need in a typeface.

Pragma ND breaks away from the uniformity of conventional sans-serif typefaces. Drawing inspiration from Roman inscription models for its uppercase characters and humanistic writing for its lowercase, it features an authentic cursive that mimics the fluidity of a handwritten script. This approach, influenced by the proportional ideals of classical Roman typefaces from the 15th and 16th centuries, grants Pragma ND a unique flair that sets it apart in the world of typography.

These characteristics make Pragma ND aesthetically distinctive and highly functional in conveying effective messages in large headlines or smaller bodies of text.

Its functionality and versatility are further evidenced by its 4 weights: Light, Regular, Bold, and Heavy, each accompanied by respective italics. From the elegance of the lighter styles to the boldness of the heavier weights and the dynamism of all its italics – 8 styles cater to every typographic need, from brand identities to editorial projects.

Typography plays a crucial role in shaping a brand’s visual identity. The right choice of typeface must strike a balance between personality and functionality. The versatility and distinction of Pragma ND make it an optimal choice for crafting a brand identity.

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