The Power of Type in Business Communication 

Companies must take advantage of typography to stand out in a saturated market. Choosing the right fonts will convey effective messages and achieve a strong identity, which is essential to stand out in digital environments and increase brand value.

Typography is the primary tool of written communication and plays a crucial role in conveying corporate identity and values. In an increasingly digital world, the challenge of using typography effectively becomes even more relevant for any business.

Corporate identity manuals from Burger King, Zoom, Airbnb, and IBM –

More and more companies are establishing regulations on corporate identity, where typography plays a central role. However, there is often a disconnection between the fonts specified in corporate image manuals and their actual application in the company’s internal and external communication. This may be due to the indiscriminate use of default fonts in standard software programs or the lack of language coverage in the various countries it operates, leading to a loss of control over corporate identity.

How a message is perceived can be greatly influenced by the typographic selection

Typography possesses a magical quality; it is modest in its presence yet can be a powerful vehicle of pride and expression. From its formality to its dynamism, a typographic choice can significantly impact how a message is perceived. Avoid overly common fonts like Google Fonts, as they can dilute a company’s communication uniqueness.

In the era of digital communication, where user engagement is centered around screens, typography emerges as a vital component. Readability on devices of different sizes and adaptability to various formats is essential. Furthermore, fonts in digital environments must be carefully selected to ensure an optimal user experience, where clarity and coherence in content presentation are fundamental to maintaining interest and understanding of the message. Knowing typographic innovations such as variable fonts enables a company to adapt to the requirements of adequate digital communication.

Dyson typeface Futura marca Digital identity

In a diversified typographic scene, BauerTypes plays a crucial role, standing out by offering a wide range of high-quality fonts, from reinvented classics to the latest typographic creations, including customized fonts. This variety allows graphic designers, publishers, advertising agencies, and companies to find the perfect font for their specific needs.

Iconic fonts like Futura have been the distinctive voice of countless international companies, including prominent names like Dyson, Nike, and Louis Vuitton. The choice of Futura reflects the visual identity of these brands and communicates their modernity, innovation, and unique style.

Typography is the voice of a brand. It is the tool that enables effective written communication and a strong corporate visual identity that reflects brand values.

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