Futura: The Type of Today and Tomorrow in Digital Brands

In the vast typographic universe, few fonts have managed to transcend with as much power as Futura has. A typeface that in today’s digital age is still the choice of the most recognized brands.

Futura was designed by Paul Renner and published by Bauersche Gießerei, the former name of Bauer Types, in 1927. With a century of existence behind it, it has proven to be a symbol of endurance, finding its place decade after decade. In the age of digital dynamism, Futura is a solid choice for brands that wish to project a contemporary and appealing image to their audiences.

Its geometric shapes and balance have kept it a cutting-edge choice throughout all its eras. Its elegant simplicity and legibility prove to be excellent in digital media. Today, Futura connects with audiences, bringing the authenticity and modernity that the digital world requires.

Here are some examples of brands that use Futura as their corporate typeface:


Dyson’s brand values are based on innovation, efficiency, and sustainability. Futura reflects these values through its clean, modern design, which matches Dyson’s image as a technologically advanced brand committed to the quality of its products.

Louis Vuitton

The iconic fashion and luxury brand, Louis Vuitton, uses Futura in its logo and digital media. The choice of Futura fits perfectly with the brand’s values of elegance and quality, as well as offering excellent performance in the digital environment, enhancing the user experience.


Futura has been a fundamental piece of Nike’s iconic corporate identity, reflecting the authenticity, determination, and sportsmanship that characterize the brand. This association has contributed significantly to Nike’s recognizability and enduring success.


Omega, a renowned Swiss luxury watch brand, also uses Futura throughout its corporate identity. The choice of Futura reinforces the precision and modernity that Omega represents in the watch industry.

Since its launch, Futura has been identified with the successful slogan “The type of today and tomorrow”.

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